In alphabetical order:

 Akasha System is the "eco-techno" project of Pacific Northwest producer Hunter P. Thompson, otherwise known for making ambient and new age as Opaline. Releases such as LP Echo Earth feature dubby house rhythms and lush chords, often incorporating recordings from nature. Echo Earth made several year-end lists for best electronic music in 2019 including Pitchfork. 

Anthex is a DJ/musician based in Vancouver who specializes in left-field remixes and concept projects. He spent the summer of 2020 creating atmospheric, genre-hopping DJ sets that mixed the cutting-edge with classics, all recorded against the stunning backdrop of Vancouver scenery, in his Scenic Sessions series. The Avatar Grove album is a natural progression of these sets, and the biggest project of his career to date. 

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Baby Blue is a Vancouver-based trans DJ-producer best known for her euphoric trance-edits and a remix of Madonna’s “Music.” Her music aims to bridge the worlds of underground and overground to create “an honest electronic pop experience, non-existent in the mainstream today.” Her debut album, Death of Euphoria, was released in 2020 via Ascetic House

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Beatmool is a music producer/dj from Vancouver, Canada.

His emotive and melodic sound originates from his organic approach to music production with instruments such as piano and guitar. His unique style of production landed him releases under RAM Records as well as its sister label ProgRAM. With drum & bass, trip-hop, post-rock and ambient music being the biggest influence, Beatmool guides his listeners through his beautiful selection of sounds. He also runs the acclaimed Pulse Palace label.

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Deephist invites you to reminisce on wet tents, frosted mornings and headlamp nights. Descend deeper into the woods and recall the cold, natural feeling that accompanies being both lost and embraced by your surroundings. Ground yourself in the presence of sodden moss beds, snarled cedars and weathered coastal frontiers. Hold that memory and present it sonically - unveil the sound of the Pacific Northwest. Linger on bass robed in reverb and techno dripping with delay.

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Driem (Aaron Handford) is a Deep House & Downtempo Bass producer/DJ whose festival credits include Burning Man, Burn In The Forest, Otherworld, & SubLunar and releases on the Visionary Shamanics label. He is inspired by the intersection of the musical legacies of Africa, India, Europe and the Middle East with modern sample based electronic music making methods. His latest album, Earth, was self-released in February 2021.


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DAñSE is here. Listen to the sounds in your mind and let your dreams guide you.

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Ecstatic Quiet is the solo project of Greg Coles. 

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Gregory's introduction to music came through his lessons on the double bass, which he pursued at university. Since then he has performed on bass in many bands in many styles of music. He is currently pursuing a career as a composer in film, TV and digital media. 


Orca Silent

As a transient BC local, Orca Silent has resided in the Wet'suwet'en, Syilx and Coast Salish territories. Collecting and curating sounds that embody forested peaks and trenches deep, follow him beyond the tideline to discover the Wet Coast edifice. Envision the reflection of water on shadowed trees or a day swimming both salt and freshwater. Witness dubbed out, sound system techno seeped in ocean depths and lost in archaic rainforests. 


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Tomas Jirku began his career in the golden era of minimal and glitch techno, helping to define the genres through releases on Alien8, Force Inc., Klang Elektronik, and Traum. Over the past two decades, Jirku has built a strong repertoire with his exploratory approach to music, experimenting across genres to develop a sound he can call his own. In 2020 he released the spectacular 'Touching the Sublime' on the Silent Season label. Inspired by his explorations of the remote wilderness that surrounds his home in Vancouver, Canada, Jirku evokes the philosophical concept of the sublime, where an overwhelming experience of awe confronts us with the limits of our rational minds.

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WzrdryAV is Vancouver-born producer Kelly Claude Nairn, a specialist in deft left-field instrumentals. Under tutorage of electro-acoustic and granular synthesis pioneer Barry Truax at Simon Fraser University, he added field recordings, audio collage, sound object manipulation, and slightly unhinged ambient works to his expanding cache. This not only led to the creation of WZRDRY (Kelly’s imprint and artistic umbrella), but a range of productions released internationally on vinyl, cassette tape, and compact disc on his own Wzrdry Recording imprint, as well as labels such as LINE, Silent Season, Digitalis Industries and ICS Library Records.

2020 was a prolific year for Kelly, with the West Coast Systems album appearing on Richard Chartier’s LINE and 4 volumes of the Broken Sampler series which appeared on his own Wzrdry Recordings label.

In 2021, the excellent Midnight Visions album was released on the UK label Accidental Meetings.