Avatar Grove DJ Mix (Lossless Version)

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The complete Avatar Grove mix in one lossless wav file. 

All profits from this album will go to the Ancient Forest Alliance who are doing a magnificent job of highlighting the battle to save old-growth forests in British Columbia. Whilst this is a local organization I believe their role is important in a global context. They believe that comprehensive, science-based old-growth protection legislation is needed. They also support economic financing alternative for BC's First Nations to develop conservation-based economies focused on sustainable tourism, non-timber forest products, sustainable second-growth forestry, and green businesses that allow old-growth forests to remain standing. Please check out their website, and co-founder TJ Watt's photography for more information on this worthy cause.

Thanks for your support!




1: Anthex - Infinite Biological Pathways

2: Anthex - Habitat Zone

3: Baby Blue - Its a Promise

4: Akasha System - Shapeshifter

5: Driem - Nyx

6: Ecstatic Quiet - Emerald

7: Beatmool - The Last Stand

8: Tomas Jirku - West Bestern

9: Deephist - Sandcutt

10: Orca Silent - Flora

11: WzdryAV - Hesquiat Peninsula

12: DAñSE - The Meadow